I was born intersex. If you have never looked into this as a concept, I really recommend you do so. Medically, it seems the world likes to bury this concept as something that exists. They quickly did whatever they could to make me pass as a male for the rest of my life, forcing my mother to put me through many surgeries. Eventually the ambiguous genitalia I was born with became a ‘close enough’ penis. Slap the male on my birth certificate and we are groovy, as they say. We call this genital mutilation in many circumstances, but not generally for intersex children.

It might not be a surprise to say when I don’t actually have the inner biology of a typical male, that my hormones went to shit. I did not experience a puberty. My body did not change at all, rather. I actually wasn’t producing any hormones whatsoever. After long talks with doctors, therapists and my mother, we agreed hormonal replacement therapy would be the best. So legally I am a transwoman, which does not feel like a proper identity. As I am not a woman, and I do not feel trans. I identify as an intersex individual, who is medically obligated to live on either testosterone or estrogen injections to survive, and my body seems to react more positive to estrogen after trying around with both.

I am an intersex individual. I will never be a man or woman, as that is medically impossible.

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